Friday, December 28, 2012

The Service Industry

When I was a kid I wanted nothing more than to work at Olive Garden solely for the fact that the servers wore ties. I had high goals for myself. For some reason I always had this interesting idolization of servers all throughout my pubescent years as well, mainly I thought almost all my servers were hot and I’d let my food grow cold as I day dreamed over them. I was a weird kid and had a thing for beards.  So now I’m on the better half of 21 working my third serving job and I like to think of myself as a seasoned veteran when it comes to the food industry.

My personal check book. The Dark Lord gets me through the nights.

Now see there are two types of servers:
-“I’m just trying to get through…( School; probably culinary or law. Or they are in debt.)
I’m this Server, I’m young and eager to work and generally happy to just make a tip. But deep down I hate everyone from the kitchen staff to the clerk at Walgreens that sold me my Redbull. I don’t make enough money for rent so I can’t even make it to school, but I keep telling everyone that this is a temporary fix because I refuse to believe that I will be a server for much longer.  Sometimes we get really stressed and start to sing the looped music at said restaurant. Till this day you’ll catch me singing ‘Footloose’ through frustrated sighs and it’s been nearly a year since I’ve left Katz’s.
The second type of servers is split into two categories and you can tell them apart by if they have a DUI or not. They really don’t say much and they’re generally in their late 30’s but look at least 50. The drugs and booze have worn them down and they can recite the history of their restaurant in their sleep.  Now back to the whether or not they have a DUI, the ones with are pieces of shit the ones with out are pretty chill aint no hate for them.  
                DUIs and servers; generally when being interviewed for a restaurant they ask you questions like about your experiences and if you have a car or not and that’s as deep as it gets. Maybe they’ll run a background check on you for theft charges but even then that’s a big maybe.  So to those lost souls out there that spent their twenties drinking and doping it up this industry is perfect for them. Cash is always a flow, discounted food, and nobody seems to notice their drugs charges.  I once worked with a man whom was constantly snorting meth and  through his shift go through tiny burst of energy running around and singing to people but then he’d just stop and become crazy. He once told a fellow server he was going to knock him out with a spoon all while shaking a teaspoon at him. What is nice about the drug users though is that they always have candy on them, seems to be a common occurrence in rehabs that the former users trade out their addictions with gummy worms and chocolate. The not so nice parts are that you cannot trust them, they’ll make up elaborate stories to gain a quick buck or to get out of work, making up deaths or robberies but really they are just fucking pill heads. I learned this the hard way by lending a woman $80 bucks to help her go see her daughter, I felt for her but I sure stopped after the truth came out and I never saw my money again. One day I’ll compile a list of the insane stories regarding all the mishaps I dealt with when it came to working in my personal hell that is known as Katz’s Deli.

For now though consider this a mere intro to what is saga of Industry Stories. 

*Katz's has three different types of music they play:
5am- 10am: Smooth jazz
10am-8pm: Top 40 pop 
8pm-5am: 80's pop