Thursday, January 3, 2013


 Starting the New Year off with a cold and hanging with my dear friend Pammy. The best thing about Pammy is that she is just so gosh darn adorable, and  that she finds everyone to be handsome or beautiful so she gives out a big boost of self-esteem to oneself always.  It’s always nice to surround yourself with good vibes especially those of another artist, I always love seeing my friend’s work and sharing ideas with one another. So today as we ran through the jungles of the local thrift stores comparing books and photo memories I found myself capturing a wild Pammy in her most feared state: in front of a camera. Nearly after every click from my shutter I would see her cringe only to be followed with, “Shut up, you’re beautiful.”   

Taken by Pammy, edited by yours truly. 
"I just wish for this to be in style again."
The thing is like Pammy; I think everyone is beautiful and I just wish so much to show them that.

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